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There are little hints in the album packaging, in the little liner notes, but the thing is people think they know who I’ve dated and they just don’t, They don’t know everything. And so, there are some of these secrets that may go completely unanswered, and that’s fine with me, Because the one thing I have at the end of the day is that I never reveal who each song is about.

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Cara Delevingne is at the #RedTourLondon Tonight!

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I’m going to college in the fall but I’d like to know what classes I would have to take in order to apply for this as my professional career as Taylor Swift’s leg toucher


and do I need a masters degree for the ass toucher career as well?


omg her dancers are too much i think

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I believe when it comes to love, there’s something intangible about who we are attracted to, and I don’t think I have a pattern.

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Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone,I keep waiting for you but you never come..

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yeah girl.

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Hello swifties and tumblr users alike! I am initiating a new never before seen tumblr project dedicated to Taylor Swift fans and our beloved unity. You have all been so sweet to me and even Taylor see’s how much we love each other, its so wonderful. So why don’t we do something all together to celebrate our friendship.  I want to commemorate our love into a “swiftie family portrait” Here’s the plan/guidelines.

  • Disclaimer
  • I am not a creeper looking to manipulate young girls! I am a full time tumblr user obsessed with a country singer. Your pictures will not be posted anywhere else but the portrait Your pictures are strictly for this project, however submitting a picture does ensure it will be in the portrait// Your comments are also confidential and will not end up anywhere else but the portrait I swear on my swiftie heart I won’t do anything to upset you
  • Submissions
  • Send me a full body picture of yourself. I’m not trying to be weird, it’s just easier to put in a collage than a close-up selfie! You are beautiful! Don’t be shy, you are free from judgement. NO NUDES. Or anything of sexual/innapropriate nature. Along with the picture, you can add a few sentences about why you love taylor     Example: I love Taylor because _______. Please try and make your sentence less than 200 characters!/Remember, picture is mandatory, caption is optional, this is a “family photo” // You can access the submit page through my “links” link on my blog or; THIS IS THE SUBMIT PAGE
  • Ect
  • THE DEADLINE FOR THE SWIFTIE FAMILY PROJECT IS MARCH 1ST     If a submission is invalid, I will message you to let you know  Do not message me saying why this is a “bad idea”, I’m just trying something different, and I really hope it works out!  My biggest hope is that we will all love this and one day one of us will run into Taylor and show her how much we love each other just as much as we love her!! Any questions, my ask box is open!


Long live .❤

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